Bracius is a lie. A veil, covering up the dark remains of our once great ancestors. Our bodies were immortal, and we wielded fierce might, until the gods took offense to our new power, and took it all away. Our lives are different, yet common, in that we all feel like something great was taken from our past. We feel that these orders, these governments, that our masters have set up are false, backwards, although we can’t explain why. Perhaps our ancestors’ ideologies yet remain, hidden within our minds. Perhaps one day we’ll make the same mistakes.
But for today, we fight for that horizon. For that next meal in the faraway town. For that last filter so we may ply the deserts of the south. For that last coin to crawl aboard a boat headed to the dark, cold north. And for discovery. For if we dig through the remains of our ancestors, we may yet find something that could lead us back to our heritage, back to that golden age…

World of Bracius -- Journey to the south