World of Bracius -- Journey to the south

House of Horrors

'This is our home now, bitch. So get the fuck out.’

The party boldly ventured into Kelus manor, attempting to clear it out. The players ran into a group of 4 [then 2 more] zombies [which turned out to be kung-fu zombies, because they kept rolling really well, and the pcs kept getting shitty rolls] then a group of 4 paladnis of Zarus. Based on what they’d heard from the paladins, it seemed that an alliance had been brokered between Zarus, Semnus, and Kelus, which would spell some pretty serious doom for the city of Cyrodil. [between these encounters, they ran into a man who was possessed by one of the three gods, who was slain in pretty badass fashion by Toby the dragonborn]
the party then descended into the depths of the house, where they encountered dozens of worshippers of the three evil gods, as well as many paladins of Zarus, before running into an avatar of Kelus. All were slain, [although ser angus the halfling almost got his ass kilt] and the party is now preparing to leave for the red sands



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