[Yes I’m aware I blatantly stole the name from the elder scrolls. This was an accident]
A city of oppression, blanketed under the protection of Salizar, the god of progress, metal, and war. Cyrodil was founded in 4520 after many wandering soldiers who’d sworn loyalty to Salizar decided he was no longer listening, and sent their prayers to Semnus, after the The Great War of Strife. Their prayers were answered, and after [ironically] much human sacrifice that Pelor’s warriors were unaware of, Semnus brought up the older portions of the city from inside the deep sands.

Cyrodil is the trading capitol of the world—producing weapons, armor, textiles, and much more in the great industrial factories belonging to Hosaam Agaresh. Food and alchemical supplies are produced on the great plantations belonging to Nazir Dulywith, and a massive city upon the seas provides an angelic respite for any that can so afford it—and is duly controlled by the enigmatic Allish Sulaya. These three are ‘The Buyers’ a group of men who choke the life from thousands on a daily basis and smile all the while.

But all is not completely stable within Cyrodil. No, a long line of artisans and craftsmen still exist, cursing The Buyers and the bullshit they’ve brought to these lands. Some of the finest weapons and armor can be found within Cyrodilian walls, but who knows how much longer they’ll remain…

The Cyrodillian military is a force to be reckoned with. Armed and operated by the council of the city, as well as the most wealthy merchants, the army is equipped with quality, mass-produced equipment, and most are experienced soldiers, all ready to dedicate themselves to the highest bidder. Several thousand military troops patrol the streets, acting as police, as well as impromptu ‘tax’ collectors. Every citizen is ‘cameragraphed’ in order to create a fine record of citizens, and each is issued a passport. Visitors receive a visitor passport, and are expected to report to guardsmen every so often. There is a small, poorly-paid and poorly equipped millitia that is slowly being phased out of existence, and so many have resentment towards the military. Especially the millitia.

Cyrodillian politics are rather odd. At face value, they’re a basic monarchy, with a few theological elements thrown in. The ruling family is the Said family, a group of men and women supposedly descended from the wanderer, the man who walked into the red sands, and came out a king when most didn’t come out at all. The family is supposed to follow the ordain of Salizar the aforementioned god of progress. The political system gains steam when you look at the ‘council’—a group of 200 men chosen from 20 districts across the city and ‘elected by the people’ who propose laws and ways to better follow the faith of Salizar to King Abdul Said. Being that the current king does very little, and passes most laws that don’t directly influence his power, [he has ultimate veto of all laws] Cyrodil is in what should be an age of political change. But, the council is essentially operated by The Buyers, as well as the wealthiest merchants in the city.

Cyrodil is ridden with crime—like maggots on a dead cat. Smugglers bring people in without identification, poisons and banned goods are bought and sold in the ‘old district’ and as of late a terrorist group, calling themselves the Men of Silvernight have been running rampant through the city. They’ve killed dozens, and many thousands of golden coins, as well as kings’ medals are ready to be given to any who seek them out…

Trade in Cyrodil is, as I’ve explained, central. Massive amounts of goods produced through slave and indentured-servant labor are pushed through the city, creating an extremely wealthy ruling elite. These men run the city, and it’s best not to mess with them—they can afford the best assassins in the business…


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