Salizar is the God of metal, progress, and war. He was at one point also known as ‘the god of peace’, but during The Great War of Strife, his brother, Pelor took that title from him in punishment of his deeds committed. [Salizar’s Lawful Neutral]

Salizar is the brother to both Markoth and Pelor, but is much more pragmatic, and less idealistic. At the same time, he sees life as fleeting, and doesn’t understand why so many cherish it—in his mind, it’s better to have a short life that was useful than a long life of inactivity.

Despite his tenacity to act in a way which disregards life, and emphasizes the ‘greater good’, Salizar hates the twisted gods of evil with a passion not unlike the one his brothers possess. Unfortunately, due to his disregard for life, he has fallen out of favor with his mother, the Goddess of Time.

Despite all of this, Salizar does hold some ties of kinship to his brothers and mother, although he often won’t show it. And, after The Great War of Strife, he holds serious resentment towards Pelor

Salizar’s followers are often pragmatic like him, and [interestingly enough] less likely to see life as pointless, or something to be wasted [Probably because the last time they embraced that idea wholeheartedly, a lot of them died]. Most are mildly irritated by followers of Pelor, but show a degree of kinship towards them. They do hold extreme contempt of followers of Markoth, since his ideology basically embraces inactivity and uselessness.

Cyrodil is largely populated by followers of Salizar, and the Church of Salizar has a large amount of influence there.


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