A dark, frigid place that now lies in ruin. The people lived, despite the disaster, and are now rumored to consort with Kobolds in the rebuilding of their city.

Before the great freezing of Frostrain that turned the city to ice for some two months, the population was some 8,000 souls. Now, it’s said to be in the realm of 3,600 plus the new Kobold allies they have somehow acquired.

Yule was a town of philosophy, founded in 4790 by members of the Church of Salizar who found that the values of morality needed to influence world thought. Several great mages reside here, and the city has a mildly more complex political system than most other city-states present in the world. Although young, and now terribly damaged, many believe Yule will grow again, this time becoming a grand world power.

Yule’s military was miniscule before the winter, and most invaders had to deal with the extreme cold that the residents endure on a daily basis. Yule soldiers are poorly equipped, but largely intelligent, as well as resourceful, and familiar with winter warfare. They prefer chainmail with a thick coat of animal fur beneath it, as well as hand axes, spears and longbows, all reliable weapons in the terrible cold. Most wear dark masks and green cloaks, presenting themselves as heroes of the people who must protect their identities in order to protect the ones they love.

The present leader of the town guard is a man named Sven Ironwill—he got the name after his previous captain was killed fighting criminals in the great battles before the freezing. Sven fought and killed several gang members who were noticeably well equipped, alongside the Prince’s errant Druchina. After the battle, much of the town guard was in shambles, and Sven put it back together. Thus, Ironwill.

Yule’s culture is a rather large melting pot—there are sizable populations of humans, dwarves, elves, and now Kobolds, as well as a few half orcs, such as the rather well known Duke of the hatchet. There is little to no prejudice in the city, and the little that exists is largely towards the Kobolds, being that they so often raided and damaged the city before the freezing.

Lastly, Yule was a growing trade power before the freezing, despite it’s ban on slavery. Now that the freezing has passed, the people of the city are free to continue their trade ventures, and many are migrating to yule as the city is rebuilding, and thus requires many more workers, and many more people to supply those workers.


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